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What Our Clients Say

What do Neilcorp clients say about their new homes we build for them? Take a look at some of our Neilcorp customer testimonials for a glimpse into the kind of customer service and craftsmanship we offer each and every client:

Happy Home Owner – Winter 2017

My home buying experience was efficient, smooth and professionally done. A very pleasant experience. Thank you Neilcorp for building a perfect home for me.

Neil & Jane – November 2017

You do build the best houses in Almonte in fact probably Ottawa too and you do have outstanding post sales support.

Happy Home Owner – Summer 2017

I had never purchased a new home before this and I must admit it was a bit scary. No one I spoke to – real estate people, bank people, lawyer had any negative comments about NeilCorp which was reassuring. Thanks to Tanya for her patience answering my many questions. Thanks to Grace and Jody and the construction people for their attention to detail to make this house something I am very proud to “show off”. Best decision I ever made.

Brenda & Howie Rees – Summer 2017

I can’t begin to tell you how very much we love our new home. After living 44 years in Orleans we decided a complete change of pace, some serious downsizing and a calmer lifestyle would suit us just fine. We had heard such good things about Neilcorp we decided to check them and Almonte out! The attraction was instant.

We chose a Bungalow Townhome, 2 bedroom and had Neilcorp finish the basement for us..We made some modifications, chose colours, and left for Florida for the winter…and while away were kept up to date on how things were moving along (thank you Tanya). We returned just in time to take possession.

The house is everything we wanted and more…we are so proud of our place.

I can say only good things about the builder and his team….the site has been spotless, the workers friendly, the sales staff so helpful that if I did have a question I never felt like I was bothering them.

If I sound happy, I am…Almonte is a wonderful town, I can walk to the grocers, the drug store and Tim Hortons…with all that and my new Neilcorp home, my life is pretty darn perfect.

Val – Summer 2017

We just wanted to let you know we did not submit any year end report to Tarion Warranty Program as we had nothing to report.

Thanks. Still loving our home. Best house ever.

Annette and Rob Brown – Spring 2016

Having taken possession of our new bungalow in July 2012, and enjoyed its quality of construction ever since, we are happy to write this testimonial in 2016 to Neilcorp with perhaps a slightly different slant than others that can be read on this website.

In short, Neilcorp’s client care and after sales service has been outstanding, in today’s harsh business world where every cent counts, their willingness to take care of their clients no matter the time elapse since occupancy is truly remarkable. This alone in our opinion makes Neilcorp unique, and fully justifies their claim to be one of Eastern Ontario’s premier builders. We have this spring (2016) had our garden doors and all hardwood flooring replaced at no cost to ourselves. The doors were problematic from the first winter of our occupancy, unexplainably leaking and allowing moisture from outside to damage the adjacent hardwood flooring. Over this time span on several occasions and at their sole expense, Neilcorp has attempted to find a solution to this problem. The flooring has been partially replaced and the doors adjusted and re-sealed. Never once have we felt that Neilcorp would just let this defect disappear from their radar without bringing a positive resolution to the problem. Finally after discussion with owner Doug McIntosh and his sub-contractors and with the knowledge gained that the problem was likely the result of a manufacturers defect and not due to incorrect installation, a decision was jointly made between ourselves and Neilcorp to completely remove and replace both the door and flooring. To a home owner rework of this magnitude coupled with the disturbance to home life is daunting. However Doug and his team made it happen with relative ease. All furniture (as promised by Doug) was temporarily moved back and forth to our garage / basement by a Neilcorp employee, this certainly helped to relieve our stress. The actual construction work was carried out efficiently with great respect for our home, and dust etc. was kept to the bare minimum.

Special thanks are due to Neilcorps after-sales team, Grace Badham and Jody Gleeson for their advice and excellent communication during the process, also to Cory Donaldson for his supervision of the rework and ensuring that all factors of the work were considered and professionally taken care of.

Thanks are also due to Gary Anderson of Lambden Windows and Doors / Verdun for his assistance in coordinating the work, and also to Mike Paquin of Bytown Flooring (sub-contractor of Athens Rugs Ltd) for an excellent installation of the new hardwood floor.

Again, our grateful thanks to all concerned for restoring the beauty of our home, we are both so appreciative that we have been surrounded by such caring people.

April 2016

Liz Schudlo Appell

We moved in Dec.2/15 – Paul and I are extremely pleased with our home. They have been there from start to finish. We had to do so much long distance and can not say enough about the home building process with them. All the staff are outstanding,Tanya was great in helping with our choices for the home. If anyone is looking for a new home Neilcorp homes should definitely the one to consider.

Brian Sarsfield

We are most pleased with our Neilcorp built home. Outstanding after sale service is the norm. September 2015

Bob & Lynda Thompson

We would like to thank Neilcorp and all their staff and contractors for such a great experience in the purchase of our new home. Bob and I enjoyed the whole process from the purchase where different ideas were given and we were able to few a similar house to help us decide. The interaction with the individual trades made the selections for our new home an enjoyable experience. We felt no pressure to purchase anything and were given lots of great options especially with the kitchen. Neilcorp had no issue keeping to the closing date and we were always accommodated by Jody to get into the house during different phases of the construction. As the house was being built we discussed a couple of concerns with the trade workers who were so polite and had no problem completing our vision of the house. After moving in we had a few very minor issues and reported them to the staff and someone was always there the next day with a solution. Neilcorp and their staff build beautiful homes with great workmanship, quality and care. Thank you. November 2014

Leslie & Ron Williamson

The excitement we felt when we first made the decision to contract Neilcorp to build our home in November of 2012 was fully justified as we went through the process of meeting with the various trades specialists, making the choices that would eventually result in the completion of our Westport-model home. With the clear and helpful information that the sales staff, led by Mandy, provided for us we never hesitated to ask questions about the process of developing our house plans. Deadlines, meeting times and options were clearly outlined for us and we felt well supported as we considered the many aspects of our purchase from flooring, to kitchen cabinetry, to the placement of basement windows etc. Our experiences with the sales staff were completely positive and we were very appreciative of their professionalism, knowledge and guidance. One of the outstanding features of Neilcorp’s operating principle is their dedication to timeliness. Meetings set with tradespeople were on schedule, efficient and informative. We never had a moment’s doubt that our home would be ready for occupancy on the date identified by Neilcorp at the very beginning of the process. The resulting peace of mind contributed greatly to our enjoyment of the building phase, and to our own preparedness for our move. Throughout the months in which our home was being constructed we met with representatives of each company contracted to work on it. We were consistently impressed with the comments these representatives made about the pleasure they found in working for Neilcorp. They commented, almost universally, that they appreciated working for a builder whose standards were above industry standard, and whose commitment to working collaboratively resulted in work schedules being adhered to. There was obvious pride on the part of the tradespeople in contributing to the building of a fine home. All of the hopes we placed on our new home have been realized. There have been issues to address but Neilcorp’s response has been speedy and thorough. We are delighted to live in our beautiful, new Neilcorp home!!! January 2015

Lee and Paul Brennae

Over the last few years, my wife and I decided to leave our home of 35 years in Ottawa and move to a small town. After looking around, we fell in love with Almonte. We soon discovered Neilcorp Homes. No move is easy, but the Neilcorp family helped in every way, from sales and design to contractors and support after we moved in. We have been in our new home now for 6 months and we have nothing but praise for Neilcorp Homes. January 2015

Luciano and Sandra Bernes

Our experience with Neilcorp has been exceptional; from the initial stages to final completion, the staff and trades of Neilcorp have been outstanding. They truly care about quality, service and customer satisfaction. During all phases of our home construction experience, we were kept informed and always given courteous and professional advice and council without any up selling pressures. We would also be remiss not to mention that Neilcorp not only adhered to their stated completion date of our home but they were actually able to complete our home ahead of schedule in order to meet our needs. After sales service from Neilcorp has been excellent. Although our issues have been both minimal and minor, the staff at Neilcorp always respond in a timely, efficient and professional manner. As we approach the one year anniversary in our Neilcorp home, we can truly attest to the superior quality of this Company, their staff and all their associated tradespeople. All the best! January 2015

Diane & Peter Beaubien

Hi Jody! Happy New Year! “amazing! MARVELOUS! IMPRESSIVE! Those are only a few of the many words we use when describing our Neilcorp home and workmanship to family, friends and strangers. We could not be more pleased with the quality of its structure, style and finishing. Compliments from visitors are never-ending. Neilcorp’s expert staff have and continue to strive in making every step of our ‘homeowner’ journey as pleasant, positive and satisfying as possible. Their considerate and caring nature knows no bounds. Without hesitation, Neilcorp accommodated us with an early close, ensuring all aspects of our home were completed and in working order. And since then, they have graciously and patiently coordinated and advised on all our additional requests. It’s not just the big things that matter but the little things too…thanks to the lovely welcome gift we received on the day of our move, we did not have to search through boxes the following morning for coffee cups—we simply used those provided by Neilcorp—we could not have been more grateful. There’s just no end to the pride, satisfaction and convenience of owning a Neilcorp Home. It is an experience that we will always fondly remember, a home that we are confident we will always enjoy, and be forever proud to share with others. Appreciatively yours, January 2015

August and Brenda

Hello Robert, Doug and Jody Brenda and I just want you to know that we are extremely pleased with our new Neilcorp Home. The quality and workmanship is there that you would find in a larger expensive custom home. The layout is great on the main floor and there is ample room to build a living space in the well lit basement. We have recommended Neilcorp to all, and wish you much success in your future projects. Thank-you January 2015

Bill & JoAnne Clark

Neilcorp Homes, A Quality Builder When looking for a retirement home in the area not only Almonte came up but so did Neilcorp Homes. We found that Neilcorp home owners were please with their homes and after meeting the staff and seeing their product, they were second to none. We flew in and picked out all our finishes and than left to let them do their job. Upon arriving six months later to take possession of our new home, we were very pleased with the finished product. The staff and the sub-trades have been super towards us and we would highly recommend Neilcorp Homes. January 2015

Sue Williams

Hi Jody, I love my home and I do show it off to all of my family and friends. I always refer Neilcorp Homes to anyone who shows interest in moving to Almonte. We had a major issue with my furnace last year, as you know, but that was settled and a few other minor issues, which are expected with any new home, have also all been settled (except the leaky eaves which Cory is to fix as soon as the eaves are dry). Thanks so much! January 2015


Hi Jody, “As first time home buyers, we had a million and one questions. The Neilcorp team answered all of them promptly, and patiently guided us through the entire process from signing the purchase agreement to the final inspection. The design options were fantastic, and the upgrades were more than reasonable. We were able to get everything we wanted, including hardwood floors and kitchen upgrades, and stay well within our budget. Sarah even helped us decide which upgrades were the most important – who knew a toe kick could make such a difference! Everyone who comes over to our house remarks on the gorgeous finishes and quality. We’re so happy with our home, and I can definitely see us buying another Neilcorp home in the future!” Thanks again. December 2014

Connie and Alex Gillis

Hi Jody, We chanced on this Neilcorp subdivision just 6 months ago when we were contemplating moving to the Ottawa area. Almonte was recommended as a vibrant community and we knew it was the place for us almost immediately on our first visit. With no intention of buying a new home, we wandered into this Neilcorp subdivision only to explore possibilities. Within 2 weeks of returning to our home in Sault Ste. Marie, we had bought a Neilcorp townhouse. The size, the design and the price were perfect or us. The Neilcorp statement, “If every homeowner wanted the same house, our job would be lot easier. They don’t. It isn’t. And, we’re OK with that,” was our first clue that real customer service is a priority. Integrity is a value that’s important to us. So when we heard a comment from one of the Neilcorp team as to how highly they regard their employer, we were assured we were in good hands. Our experience with Neilcorp has been positive every step of the way; from Mandy, Shelagh and Steven in the sales office, to Sarah who helped with interior design, to Jody, Services Coordinator Extraordinaire, who has helped us immensely to adjust to our new home and community, and the team of skilled Neilcorp ‘lads’ who are always pleasant and available for the final tweaking of maintenance items. This was a huge leap for us and thanks to the Neilcorp team we’re feeling at home. Good old fashioned customer service is alive and well at Neilcorp. December 2014

Joanne & Mel Dunlop

Hi Jody We love our new home and the trades people we worked with were only too willing to help us both with selection of products and the small repairs that we encountered. Also the Neilcorp employees in the office were quick to reply to our questions and concerns during the building of our beautiful home. The house itself is of the best construction and the layout offers large open rooms and windows that let light in from all directions. Can’t praise Neilcorp enough! December 2014

Annette and Rob Brown

We took possession of our new bungalow at the end of July 2012, and could not be happier with the quality product that we are now proud to call home. The whole process from our first meeting with Mandy and Shelagh in the sales office, through to completion, has been an enjoyable experience. What makes a Neilcorp home unique? The list is endless, but suffice it to say that a quality product for a more than competitive price just cannot be beaten. Upgraded materials as standard, the ability to customize at no extra cost, care and attention to detail, these are just but a few of the features that Doug McIntosh and his team bring forth at every stage of construction. Special mention should also be made of Adam and Jody who combine to make the after sales service a very efficient and friendly experience. Never is the smallest task overlooked or discounted, all requests for rework are never questioned, rather carried out quickly and to a very high standard. It is service at its best. A week after we moved into our new home we unfortunately had a washing machine flood. Whilst there was absolutely no responsibility on Neilcorp’s part, Doug immediately offered help, the loan of fans, and would not accept payment for some of the repair work. We had been deflated, but this impressive act of kindness, and obvious wish to care for a customer, soon helped to restore our happiness, and the damage was restored to its original pristine condition in a relatively short time. Thanks are due to all sub trades for their excellent work. A special thank you however is extended to Gary Anderson of Lambden Window and Door who arranged and covered the cost of a custom transom window to complement our front door set. This again was an act of kindness, excellent service and the wish to provide only the best in quality. Couple together the beautiful town of Almonte, the relaxing surrounding countryside and Neilcorp as your builder, you really cannot wish for anymore or a better place to reside in. With grateful thanks to all, Sincerely, Annette and Rob Brown. February, 2013


We have owned three Neilcorp homes. Each one has been better than the last because they keep updating their building techniques and materials. They don`t cut corners and as a result build a solidly built home. Their attention to finishing details is exceptional. Their after sale service is excellent. The best thing about dealing with Neilcorp is that you are dealing with the same people who sold, built and serviced your home. They know the history of your home. As a result you don`t have to waste time explaining your specific concern. We have also owned six previous homes built by various builders. As a result we like to think we have some background into what it takes to build a very good home. Regards January 31,2013

Linda and Hal Anderson

We have been a Neilcorp home owner for the past nine years. We purchased our first home when we moved to Almonte and did not know about Neilcorp. We were pleasantly surprised to have a quality, brand new home at an affordable price with virtually no problems! We have owned new construction before and have had issues with both problems and getting the work done. Not with Neilcorp! Last fall, we downsized and purchased our Neilcorp town home. We were able to choose our interior and have ended up with another gorgeous home! Any issues have been addressed quickly and pleasantly. We have recommended our builder,Neilcorp, several times. We are definitely happy customers! Linda and Hal Anderson

Eric A. Schultz

Messieurs McIntosh and Dick: Both Nancy and I would like Neilcorp Homes to know how much we are enjoying our new home on Johanna St. As you are aware we put a lot of thought into the customization and are thrilled with the outcome. We have received many compliments from friends and family. Special thanks to Mandy, Heather, Lyn, Deslaurier Custom Cabinets, Carleton Refrigeration, Lambden Windows, Carp Country Flooring, Rod Stoddart, Johnny Leischmann and others we have forgotten. Heartfelt thanks for your patience! If we had to do it all over again we would! Wishing you and your team continued success. Best. Eric A. Schultz

Ernie and Marguerite Lascelles

“We moved into our new townhouse bungalow in April 2012, and we are thrilled with the house, the neighbourhood and Almonte. Although this was our first new home, we were amazed at how easy the process was, thanks to Neilcorp’s professional and knowledgeable staff. Two weeks after our initial contact with Mandy, we took a leap of faith and committed to our new home. We were on a tight schedule to make our custom choices but it went amazingly well with the help of Neilcorp’s great suppliers and tradespeople. Our new home exceeded our expectations with the quality of construction and attention to detail. For example how many builders match the colour of the drain spouts on the side and rear of the house to the colour of the stone or siding. Neilcorp’s after sale service has also been exceptional. It is clear that they, their suppliers, and trades take great pride in providing quality workmanship and superb customer service. Ernie and Marguerite Lascelles July 2012

Joy Delahunt

“It’s no surprise to anyone any longer that Neil Corp homes are of the highest quality but what makes Neilcorp so special is the people who work there. Sales, construction and administrative employees are skilled, knowledgeable, friendly and responsive to requests.” J.D. June 2012

Bonnie Wright

This is my fourth custom home and I thought I knew what to expect. I have been very pleasantly surprised throughout the entire process. The ladies in the sales office were helpful and very patient as I worked my way through the design choices. The quality of construction was impeccable, meeting even the standards of my very picky house-building brother-in-law. And not only did Neilcorp meet my originally contracted move-in date, they actually got me in a full week early. Needless to say, I am absolutely delighted with the standards and the customer care throughout the entire process.

Mark and Patti Milan

You often dream of building your “perfect home”; what it would look like, what features it would have. You think to yourself, “it’s going to cost a lot”. You hear the stories how the dream home happened, but the experience was not a dream. With Neilcorp, you get the dream, not the nightmare, and it does not cost you a lot. We had a large selection of plans to choose from, at base prices that started at least $100,000 below prices in the Ottawa suburbs. We wanted to add a wall here to create a room, remove a pillar there for an open look. Not a problem, and all at no extra cost. The extras we wanted for our dream home were all reasonably priced – the hardest part was agreeing on a kitchen (we’re still married). The craftsmanship and attention to detail on our home is amazing. In the end, we moved in on budget and more importantly, on time; there aren’t many home builders that can say that for every home they have built. Thank you Neilcorp for giving us our dream!


We have heard horror stories from friends, family, colleagues and our lawyer about what some people have gone through with other Builders when building a house, but Neilcorp doesn’t allow any of that to happen. They honour their commitments, are highly respected by the contractor community and constantly go above and beyond to ensure EVERY detail is just right. If one of their contractors wasn’t sure EXACTLY what we would want (right down to a finishing touch in the basement), they called and asked and provided some amazing suggestions. If an error occurred, the contractors happily made the correction, even if the fix took hours longer to now accomplish, and Neilcorp’s after sales service is 2nd to none. If you think our experience with Neilcorp Homes is too good to be true – Believe It! It was an AMAZING experience.

Pierre and Lise Gibeau

Good morning Doug, We just wanted to let you know once more how pleased we are to have purchased a Neilcorp house. Your after sales service is fantastic. I am a great fan of ‘Mike Holmes’ and without any doubt you would rank number 1 in his estimation, his code of ethics and excellent work. As well, Pierre and I read the article in the ‘Ottawa Citizen’ of Saturday regarding Neilcorp. Once again CONGRATULATIONS! Pierre and Lise Gibeau April 27th, 2011

Allan and Karen Johnson

We must confess that we were very hesitant to start all over again and have our retirement home built. It would have been so much easier to simply purchase an existing home. However, that initial hesitation and doubt disappeared the minute we walked into the Neilcorp Sales Office. If it is possible to treat a potential customer like a good neighbour and friend, then Neilcorp Homes has found the way to do it. Most simply stated, Neilcorp Homes offers a quality product backed by quality people in a community that is truly a return to the simple life. They have also managed to surround themselves with superior trades people and sub-contractors. Everyone, and we do mean everyone, went out of their way to listen, accommodate and then deliver exactly what we expected and hoped for, and right on time. We would like to extend a special thanks to those people with whom we had the most contact, starting in the Sales Office. Your advice and timely response to our questions gives a whole new meaning to customer service and support. Lorna de Jourdan of Carp Country Flooring, Ray Donahue of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and electrician Rod Stoddart all treated us like we were their only customer. To Doug McIntosh – don’t change anything, you have found a winning formula for quality and success that exceeded all our expectations. Sincerely, Allan and Karen Johnson

Kerry Mutton

I must tell you how very happy I am in my new home. It is working out perfectly. Without you, not only would it have not been built, but it is unlikely that I would be living in it. I am truly grateful for the numerous “extra miles” that you crossed in order to help me have a smooth transition. Most builders would have not been so cooperative and helpful. I am indeed fortunate to have found you. Additionally, you should know that my neighbours feel as I do. Everyone I talk to has nothing but praise for your personal relationship with your clients. It is well known that you are, rightfully, proud of your work and care about the people you build for. Don’t ever change – it sets you apart from other builders. Please know that you have my deepest thanks for all of the support you and your contractors have given me. I tell everyone how very proud I am to own a Neilcorp Home. Yours truly, Kerry Mutton

Brenda and David Graham

We have been in one of your homes for three months now and it has been a wonderful experience from day one. You have a superb group of people working for you! Your sales staff were knowledgeable and friendly and your sub trades delivered a product of exemplary quality and workmanship. Special thanks to Ray Donahue of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets and to Lorna de Jourdan of Carp Country Flooring for their good humoured, endless patience and invaluable guidance. You have given us a home that has exceeded our expectations. Thank you and all best wishes for your continued success. Yours truly, Brenda and David Graham

Kay and Denis Davignon

My wife and I feel strongly that when anyone is on the receiving end of outstanding customer service, it should be recognized and communicated to all concerned. Our experience with Neilcorp General Contracting since purchasing our new home from them about a year ago has been most rewarding to say the least. When we pointed out to Neilcorp’s CEO Doug McIntosh that our garage floor seemed to have settled significantly, he took immediate action, inspected the floor and had it replaced within a very short period of time – now that is service! This concern for service is found not only at the top level, but as well amongst the Neilcorp’s office staff and trades people. When we requested help moving a heavy piece of furniture, two of their bricklayer trades were sent over, they were extremely courteous, they moved the piece of furniture and, flatly refused to take compensation from us for their efforts. From our point of view, Neilcorp Homes not only builds an excellent product but is a shining example of what customer service is all about. Sincerely yours, Kay and Denis Davignon

Patricia M. Kennedy

I would like to extend my most sincere thanks for the lovely semi-detached home you built for me. The staff in your sales office was just great; they always made sure I was happy with everything and they explained every detail about the home I was purchasing. They were very patient and understanding. Heather and Doreen in your construction office also did an outstanding job when I needed some questions answered they always had time for the customer. I also would like to add the sales staff and builders were more than helpful. I certainly would never hesitate recommending Neilcorp builders and staff to anyone. I am very happy with my decision to have Neilcorp build my home. Thank you once again for your efficiency and dedication to your customers. Yours sincerely, Patricia M. Kennedy

Ken and Carolyn McLellan

Once we entered the Neilcorp sales office, we were greeted warmly by the sales representatives who guided us through the various stages in planning the layout and options available for our home. Once the planning was completed, the options chosen, and a closing date set, our new home was completed on the date specified. We are very pleased with the quality and workmanship in every area of our home. We find that Neilcorp personnel are very accomodating and approachable with a desire to build a home tailored to your dream and your expectations. Sincerely yours, Ken and Carolyn McLellan

Wayne and Valerie Barr

Dear Doug, I find it necessary to take the time to compose this letter to thank you for the new home you have built for us. Quite simply, it has exceeded our expectations! When I started this process I was hoping to engage a contractor whom I felt would build our home as if it were his own. Even then, I expected that after taking possession there would be items that would require some follow up, to date there has not been a single thing. The care, pride and quality of this home amaze my family and friends who have visited us here. I have also spoken with colleagues and friends who have also recently built homes and they have described the problems that they were required to overcome throughout the building process. To say the least, they are very impressed when I tell them of the positive experience I have had with Neilcorp. Thank you Doug, for the advice, care and for the beautiful home that you have built fur us, in what turned out to be a very trying building season. Please also pass on my thanks and appreciation to Heather and Lyn and also to the other excellent businesses that you have partnered with, Rod, Ray (Deslaurier Custom Cabinets), Roger (Carleton Refrigeration), Jeff (Neil Bros.), Gary (Lambden Windows) and Terry and many more. Doug, be assured that when I am asked “How do you like your new home?” I without hesitation provide a glowing recommmendation for Neilcorp. Sincerely, Wayne and Valerie Barr

Wayne Stanton and Helene Legare

My husband and I have just moved in to our new Neilcorp Home, in Riverfront Estates, Almonte. Although we have owned several homes in the past we had never gone through the process of buying a new home from a builder. We relied on the expert advice and counsel of the whole Neilcorp team, and without hesitation, we can say the whole experience was extremely satisfying. They encouraged us to make all the changes we wished in order to accommodate our preferences, and through their advice and suggestions, we ended up with the “perfect” place for us, with customized shower, walk-in closet, pantry and lots more. It is truly amazing to see how the final product came out so well, based on all our wishes, and the professional workmanship of every tradesperson that worked on our home. From the moment we firmed our choice of lot and model, the process started to unfold quite quickly. We were somewhat daunted by the number of choices to make and likely as everyhone who goes through this process, we expected there would be problems, delays and a lot of stress. Not so with Neilcorp. Everyone we dealt with showed us exactly what we could expect as a standard choice and in each case, we were assured that the standard Neilcorp has chosen for their homes is an upgraded version, be it heating, plumbing, windows and doors etc. Thanks to their dedication and teamwork, we were able to move into our new home a full 10 days before the agreed on closing date. Our Pre-delivery Inspection carried out with the owner personally, and the site manager really confirmed that we had indeed made the right choice. The Neilcorp team and most (or all) of their suppliers and subcontractors are local people and take great pride in their work and their products. We have even run into a few of them at the local supermarket and know that we have a personal connection with them now. The satisfaction of seeing it all come together so beautifully is quite amazing and we are thrilled to bits we chose the right builder, in the right community. We have a home we are proud to show to all our family and friends. Wayne Stanton and Helene Legare

Jean Marshall

To Sheila Smith, my first contact, my real estate agent and now, happily, my new neighbour. She sold my house on Delaney, making it possible for me to buy my house in Almonte. To everyone involved in the building of my beautiful house. There were many. The kitchen people, the electrical people, the flooring people, the furnace people. To all the labouring people who worked on my house, from the digging of the hole, to the putting on of the final coat of paint. To Doug, the boss man, to Heather, supervisor, to Mandy, to Shelagh – you are all so highly professional. I’m especially grateful for your help and for your patience with me, an elder, and one who is not the sharpest tooth on the saw. How often I recall phoning Mandy especially, telling her that I was “in a state”, in a panic and she would just quietly tell me “Jean, take a deep breath”. You all helped me so much. To everyone, a huge thank you! I love my house and I love y’all. Jean Marshall

Don & Betty McIvor

We are finally settled down from our move into out new Meadowlands bungalow and I must say that we are quite impressed with the excellent styling and workmanship. Your sub contractors appear to have been selected with great care; they were all so approachable and ready to accommodate. Also your administrative staff are especially knowledgeable and pleasant to deal with. This being the first house we ever purchased, there were concerns. However, it has been a comfortable experience and we would readily recommend your company to friends or family interested in a new home. Don & Betty McIvor