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Why Choose an Ottawa Custom Home

Many people dream of living in a newly built Ottawa custom home, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there about custom homes being too expensive and too difficult to get built on time. The truth is, for what you’re getting, custom homes often offer better value than resale homes. And when you’re working with a reliable custom home builder, you don’t need to worry about the timeline of the project. Neilcorp Homes hasn’t missed a closing date in its 23-year history.

Living in a House that Is Made for You

The best part about choosing an Ottawa custom home is that you will have the opportunity to live in a new home that suits your needs and expresses your personality perfectly. The custom home builders in Ottawa you want to work with offer customizable options for nearly all aspects of a new home. In fact, Neilcorp Homes prides itself on never having built the same house twice. You will never find a resale home that expresses who you are as well as a custom home can.

No Compromising

With a custom home in Ottawa, you don’t have to compromise anywhere. You can choose the number of bedrooms and bathrooms that you need, finally get your dream kitchen, have the perfect size front- and backyards to suit your family, and design any aspect of the home you want. Also, there are custom home builders in Ottawa putting up custom homes in fantastic areas like Almonte, West of Ottawa. The Almonte area offers easy access to schools, parks, and a hospital. It’s also a quick commute from Almonte to Kanata, the West End, and downtown Ottawa. A custom home in this area is ideal for raising a family and for retirement.

A House for a Lifetime

On top of being designed to suit your needs and preferences, a new Ottawa custom home will be built with the best and most modern building techniques. The quality construction that comes with a new home means that you can have a home for a lifetime. Forget about yearly repairs and constant upkeep. It’s well known that many resale homes can end up being major headaches for homebuyers. You never know what can go wrong with an older house, and repair bills can accumulate fast. A custom home won’t give you or your family the same kind of hassle that an older resale home can.

You’re Protected

The fact that modern materials and modern techniques are used when building a new custom home isn’t the only way you are protected when you opt to buy a new home. In Ontario, investments in new homes are covered by a provincial act, the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act, which offers protection against defects in work and materials, deposit protection and many other protections for a new home buyer. The Tarion Warranty Corporation is the organization that administers the Act and monitors custom home builders in Ottawa and around the province. Neilcorp Homes was a finalist for the Tarion Award of Excellence in Customer Service award in 2007, and was recognized as one of Ontario’s top 5 home builders (out of 18,000) that year.

Now Is the Time

Now is the perfect time to purchase a custom home in Ottawa. Attractive prices on custom homes in fantastic communities and low interest rates mean it is definitely a buyer’s market for new homes.