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Your New Home

Building a new home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process. Neilcorp is dedicated to making every step understandable and enjoyable, and will be by your side every step of the way. Here is a quick overview of what to expect when you purchase a new home with Neilcorp:

Step 1

Reservation & Purchase

Step 2

Design Selections & Approval

Step 3


Step 4

Warranty & Home Ownership

Reservation & Purchase

Contact our Sales office and meet with one of our Sales Associates to go over which house model suits your lifestyle, and what is offered with the purchase of a Neilcorp home. We sell homes in some of the most beautiful communities in Ontario and have many unique & thoughtful floor plans to choose from. Once you choose the perfect home in the perfect town, we will prepare an Agreement of Purchase and Sale for you to review with your solicitor.

This is a legal document which outlines the terms and conditions of the sale. After you agree to waive your conditions of the sale your offer will become firm and you can expect to be contacted by an amazing Neilcorp Homes Concierge to guide you through the next steps on the path to your new home!

Design Selections & Approval

You will be welcomed by your dedicated home concierge who will educate you about our process so your experience will be an enjoyable one. They will offer you a date to visit the design center for your 3 hour selection appointment. They will inspire you with finishes and design elements available to the specific model you have selected. It is imperative you do your homework prior to this appointment. Know your style and browse our galleries to get an idea of what you like. Our concierge personnel are very knowledgeable about the materials we offer and how they fit into your style and budget. We encourage you to utilize their design expertise to assist with selecting the perfect finishes for your home.

Some of the options we review are:

  • Cabinetry & Countertops
  • Flooring
  • Paint
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Electrical Finishes
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the standard selections that are included with your home.  They can be found in Schedule B of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  From there you can do your homework and build a budget with any design upgrades we offer!

Following your design selection appointment, you will have two weeks to review and approve by signing off the addendums your Concierge will provide to you following your selections. This date is imperative to lock in current pricing as we will honour pricing, even if it changes! You must finalize every design element BEFORE closing your file to avoid delays or added expenses*. Once we receive the addendums your file is closed, all finishes are provided to our valued trade partners and your home is in our construction queue.

*Second design appointments are subject to a design fee charge and change requests require Neilcorp Management approval and, if a change is possible, it will be subject to an administration fee.


While our amazing, local trades and partners are building your home with craftsmanship and care, we ask that you respect their safety and stay off the property. We know it’s exciting and you’re curious but we value your safety first and foremost. Included within this phase you will have the opportunity to do a walk-through at the pre-drywall stage and your concierge will set up a convenient time.

Please keep in mind there will be a limited time frame in which this can take place in order to stay on schedule to complete your home. The final review prior to your move-in is your Pre-Delivery Inspection which is a 1 hour walk-through and will be approximately 1 week prior to closing. In this hour we will go over your Tarion warranty and also much of your homes operating system and key features.

Warranty & Home Ownership

We pride ourselves on building each home as we’d build our own.  Also, customer service is super important to us.  It’s often we’ll meet again in the grocery store, park or just strolling the streets because we are neighbours!

You will receive your warranty information and instructions in our homeowner manual and also at the Pre-Delivery Inspection but we’re always available should you have any questions.

We grew up here, we know our stuff, LOVE our Towns and we are so excited to share it all with you!


Below are some frequently asked questions that new homeowners are asking either prior to, or following move in.

Can I visit the house during construction?

No, you cannot make unscheduled visits to the home on your own. For safety and insurance reasons this is not allowed. You will have an opportunity to visit the home with our Site Superintendent prior to the installation of the drywall, and again with an Inspector prior to closing.

There does not seem to be any progress on the construction of our house lately. Why?

Construction progress is affected by factors such as the availability of permits, trade schedules, material delivery, and weather. There may be times when progress appears to be at a standstill, and other times when a lot of progress is made very quickly.

How long will the PDI (pre delivery inspection) take?

Please allow yourself at least one hour to review the Tarion Home Warranty and the features of you new home.

Who can attend the PDI?

Only the homeowners are permitted to attend the PDI.  We know you’re excited to show your home to your friends and family but there is a lot of information to retain and it’s easier with less distraction.  

Where do I get my house keys?

Your keys will be available for pickup from your Concierge the day of closing.  Please note do not schedule any delivery appointments the day of possession as times for closings vary.  Many homes close late afternoon.

Where do I pick up my mail?

Canada Post will provide you with this information. Visit their website or call 1.866.607.6301

I just moved in and the repairs from my Pre-Delivery List are not complete. When will they be rectified?

Depending upon the time between your Pre-Delivery date and your closing date, repairs may be in progress.  A representative from our service department will contact you to set up appointments for the outstanding items. If parts need to be ordered, they may take several weeks to arrive. Follow up repairs will be added to your 30-Day Form.

Why are my windows full of moisture? There is ice forming along the bottom edge of the window.

If warm, moist air inside the house comes in contact with the window glazing on a cold day, moisture may condense on the windowpane at the edges of the glass near the frame. On very cold days, the condensation may freeze, forming ice. Please ensure that moist air in your home is removed at its source by running the HRV on medium/high to lower humidity levels on cold days.  Controlling the humidity of your home is essential to keep the air safe and clean.

Why are there no survey pegs on my lot?

Survey markings may no longer be visible after the lot is graded and landscaped. Please do not use wooden stakes as evidence of lot lines.  A survey included in your closing documents may be helpful, but we strongly suggest hiring a surveyor to accurately mark out your lot lines if you’re building such items as a fence.

Why has the front porch slab (basement floor slab, garage floor slab) cracked?

As the concrete cures and hardens, it shrinks and may crack.  Settlement and changes in temperature also contribute to cracking. Generally cracks do not indicate a defect and do not require repair. Floor slabs are not a structural component of your home.  Refer to the Tarion Home Warranty website for tolerances.

Why is the garage floor or porch floor starting to flake?

Salt, combined with freeze/thaw cycles that occur during winter, may cause serious erosion to concrete surfaces. Most often the front edge of the garage floor is affected. It is important to keep these areas clean, and to apply a suitable sealer on a yearly basis to deter salt damage.

My tree looks dead….

Your tree is planted as per the town approved/directed landscape plan.  We have no say in which tree goes where.  Some tree species take longer than others to root.  To have a healthy tree (and really boost your properties curb appeal) they need care like watering & fertilizer.